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YD-E Automatic Toilet Roll Rewinder
span>Speed:200 m/min
Finished Roll Core Diameter(mm):Φ 32~50mm
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YD-PL600E Non-Stop JRT Rewinder Line
span>Design speed:600m/min
Coreless speed:360m/min
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produce speed:350m/min
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Jumbo roll diameter(mm):≤Φ1500
SF12-1000 Suction Former Yankee Paper Machine
SF12-1000 Suction Former Yankee Paper Machine
span>Design speed:1000m/min
YD-PL600C Non-Stop Toilet Roll/Kitchen Towel Rewinding Line
YD-PL600C Non-Stop Toilet Roll/Kitchen Towel Rewinding Line
span>Core speed:600m/min
Jumbo roll width:2850mm
Alternation speed:25 logs/min

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Grasp The Opportunity, Roll Up Our Sleeves And Work Harder!

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  Established in 1989, Baosuo Enterprise has developed to own several subsidiaries: Baosuo Paper Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd., Baotuo Paper Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd.(hereinafter called Baotuo), Guandong Baojin Technology Co., Ltd.


In 2007, Baotuo started joint research and development with Sasaki Japan, and launched Suction Forming Yankee Paper Machine into market. By the end of 2016, Baotuo has installed more than 20 sets of paper machines in China, and 6 sets overseas. Remarkably, according to Baotuos latest project schedule, they plan to install more than 22 sets of paper machines for domestic customers in 2017, which is absolutely No. 1 in the industry. What are the hardships of starting a business and what are the secrets to the success? During CIDPEX2017 which held between March 21 and 24, 2017, we made a specialized interview with Mr. Li Qibiao, General Manager of Baotuo, and requested him to share Baotuos 10 years adventures.

Persistence is the key to success!
”Good honing gives a sharp edge to a sword. Bitter cold adds keen fragrance to plum blossom. April showers bring May flowers. Baotuos development is not a smooth sailing. 


  At the beginning of its establishment, Baotuo was facing the opening trap. Due to the high costs of purchasing Japanese company Sasakis technologies, long procedures in developing domestic market and the initial sales performance is not much, the paper machine manufacturing costs are very high. Many small and medium enterprises can not afford it; while other companies with extensive capabilities would rather spend more money on imported paper machines than taking risks of trying Baotuos localized Japanese technologies. Adding insult to injury, Baotuos first client, a well-known northwest enterprise, suddenly suffered capital chain rupture which led to the new project stagnation.

    How to open the situation? It became the critical trial of the new company. However, Baotuo people were not discouraged but determined to impress clients with excellent quality of paper machines.


According to Mr. Lis review that Baotuo was only a two years old company in 2009, and a small tissue paper convector called Guangxi Jiada Paper Co., Ltd. was planning the development vision of transforming to be a comprehensive manufacturer, by when it was ten years of entrepreneurship. Jiada is a loyal client of Baosuo Group, and purchased all of its converting machinery from Baosuo since it purchased the first set of equipment -- YD-E1092 Automatic Toilet Roll Rewinder. Mr. TAN Shiyuan, General Manager and Funder of Jiada, was very optimistic about the domestic tissue paper industry. Based on the solid cooperation foundation and mutual trusts established in the past years, he decided to purchase Baotuo paper machine as their first step to enter jumbo roll manufacturing field. Baotuo never upset them. The paper machine was able to produce qualified products within five minutes when it put into operation and the first jumbo roll is qualified finished products which won Jiada's full affirmation.


At present, Jiada has launched 3 sets of Baotuo paper machines and their wood pulp series of products produced by these machines are very popular in Southwest and Southern China. It will launch another Baotuo paper machine, by June of 2017, to increase their annual capacity to 50,000 tons. It also plans an industrial parks with 300 mu-plus floor area and expand its annual capacity 200,000 tons.


With excellent product quality and good reputation, Baotuo gradually opened up the market and developed many representative regional clients like Zhejiang Jingxing, Sichuan Shubang, Hebei Jinguang, Gansu Baoma, and has accumulated in actual combat valuable experiences in tissue papers made from wood pulp, bamboo pulp, straw pulp, bagasse pulp, etc.


Baotuo has always focused on quality in the past 10 years. For hardware, since 2012, it has invested RMB300 million in manufacturing equipment in order to improve paper machine manufacturing precision of fine machining, heat treatment and other aspects. It also reduced the production costs by nearly RMB10 million through bulk production, which makes the paper machines good in quality but cheap in price and affordable to more small and medium enterprises.


Meanwhile, Baotuo also cultivated an excellent technical team for machine start-up and commissioning. Mr. Li said, "12 people out of the team are from pulping and paper making industries and 16 people from the leading domestic tissue paper converting enterprises, all of whom have more than ten years front-line experiences, including professional engineers from the fields of civil engineering, automation, process design and other fields. Thus, Baotuo is capable to provide customers with turnkey solutions in tissue paper industry, including designs of civil engineering, pulping, clean water and white water treatment and other aspects. After start-up, Baotuos Project Engineer will lead and train clients teams during operation, to help customers achieve normal production in the shortest period of time. Baotuos technical and workmanship team will assist clients to produce finished products and set up quality standards for new products development. By this way, we truly realize the scientific balances among Japanese technologies, domestic manufacturing and affordable prices."


Create Core Competitiveness -- One-Stop Services


   Baosuo Group always adhere to the "concentricity, Coexistence and Perpetual Innovation" business philosophy. As per Mr. Li, we should always do everything seriously in order to deliver high quality machines and provide excellent services to the entire industry. And the "entire industry" has a deeper meaning behind it. With the continuous development and expansion of Baotuo, it has played a crucial role in Baosuos introduction of "One-Stop Services", from jumbo roll production to finished products packing.


At this stage, Baotuo has launched SF series Suction Forming Yankee Paper Machines with designed speed of 600 to 1100m/min, regular working width of 2860mm, and capacity of 25~50 tons per day based on 14gsm tissue paper specs. Moreover, as SF series paper machines has wide range of specs, the maximum capacity can be up to 60 tons per day. It also has an outstanding performance on energy and materials consumption per ton tissue paper: steam consumption 1.8 ~ 2.3t, power consumption 300 ~ 350kWh, and air dried pulp consumption of 1.05 ~ 1.07t.

Baosuo has been supplying converting machinery to household tissue paper industry for nearly 30 years, and is one of most powerful enterprises for converting machinery used to produce toilet rolls, soft pack facial tissues and others household tissue papers. Our customers covers all major domestic tissue paper enterprises like Hengan(恒安), Vinda(维达), Jinhongye(金红叶), C & S (中顺洁柔), etc.

Guangdong Baojin Technology Co., Ltd, former Jiangmen Dongleida Industrial Co., Ltd which was a holding company of Baosuo Group, is specialized in the production of household paper packaging machine and has achieved good sales performance since its establishment in 2012. Now it has been officially incorporated into Baosuo Group and become its wholly-owned subsidiary.


     Now, Baosuo Group is able provide "One-Stop Services" that covers complete production line and turn-key project from pulp preparation, paper making, jumbo roll rewinding, jumbo roll slitting, tissue paper converting to finished product packing, and created its unique competitive advantage.


In May 2016, Guangdong Baosuo Group and Sichuan Huanlong Group signed the first batch of 6 sets of SF12-1000 Suction Forming Yankee Paper Machine (including pulp preparation system) and full set of automatic tissue paper converting production lines. Huanlong Group is the  pioneer of natural color household tissue paper products made of bamboo pulp. The products has been in short supply since its launched into market. Huanlong decided to accelerate the production capacity expansion and choose Baosuo Group as its turn-key projects supplier. Baosuo Group provided Huanlong Group with tailored design of wet bamboo pulp grinding and paper making workmanship, and also gave them lots of constructive suggestions on the selection of auxiliary equipment.

    The first phase projects of 2 sets of Baotuo paper machines and assorted converting production lines and packing lines had been officially put into operation in early 2017, which allows Huanlong to rapidly and efficiently expand its production capacity, improve product quality, and reduce production costs at the same time, and further strengthened its confidences to form an in depth alliance with Baosuo Group.


In January 2017, the two Groups reached a formal agreement for two strategic cooperation:
Firstly, signed a Strategic Agreement on Assorted Blanket Used on Baotuo Paper Machine, according to which Huanlong Group will supply first class blanket for Baotuo.
Secondly, Huanlong Group and Baosuo Group signed a Purchasing Order for another 8 sets (including 4 sets for the first batch) of Baotuo paper machines with auxiliary equipment (including pulp preparation system) and a full set of automatic tissue paper converting production lines.


According to Mr. Li, the 10 sets of paper machines will be installed in two subsidiaries under Huanlong Group, namely Xilong Paper (total 6 sets, and 2 sets out of 6 have been put into production) and Anxian Paper (4 sets). Anxian Paper, newly purchased by Huanlong Group, is a pulp- paper integrative manufacturer which has bamboo pulp production capacity of 100,000 tons per year and 2 sets of imported Suction Forming Yankee Paper Machine that hasnt put into operation yet. Baotuo will also assist Anxian Paper to retrofit and start-up the two sets of imported paper machines, and more than 20 technicians from Baotuo have been stationed in Anxian Paper. It is scheduled to launch all the 10 sets of paper machines in Anxian Paper and Xilong Paper in the second half of 2017, and Huanlong Groups total capacity will reach over 200,000 tons per year.


When talking about "One-Stop Services", Mr. Li also introduced a newly signed representative overseas contract. At the end of 2016, Baotuo began to negotiate a tissue paper machine project in Ethiopia. The project is an overseas investment of one domestic client, who planned to build an annual capacity of 20,000 tons household tissue paper mill in Ethiopia. The client initially did not consider the converting business. However, with the technical communications and exchanges went further and as the client knew more and more about the advantages of converting and packing machinery made by Baosuo and Baojin respectively,  they became interested in it, and then went to Ethiopia to conduct further on-site market investigation and project feasibility study and finally decided to purchase assorted full set of converting and packing machinery. It makes the project into a comprehensive household tissue paper production plant. This unintentional positive outcomes case is the best proof of Baosuo Groups strong technical strengths.


   In March 2017, after Baosuo Group merged and acquired Liaoyang Huifeng company, Huifeng Crescent Forming Paper Machine business is officially incorporated into Baotuo. This undoubtedly adds a new power engine to this aircraft carrier, Baosuo Group, and provides more options to its future "One-Stop Services.


Seize The Opportunity And Do Two Things Together


In recent years, with the promotion of national environmental protection requirements increase and competition in the market, the accelerated pace of elimination of backward production capacity in tissue paper industry further promoted the industry upgrading and optimization. The small and medium-sized household tissue paper manufacturers, in Mancheng, Hebei, and Sichuan and other regions, are the representative enterprises who accelerated the pace of eliminating small paper machines with high energy consumption. At the same time, the national development strategy "One Belt and One Road" provides more opportunities for enterprises to go abroad.


Opportunity favors only the prepared mind". Per differed demands of both domestic and overseas clients, Baotuo launched several flagship series of Suction Forming Yankee Paper Machines, namely SF12-1000 high-end series, SF10-900 medium-high end series, and SF-600 and SF10-800 medium-end series. The machine designed speed arranges is 600~1000m/min. Mr. Li further explained, customers like Huanlong Group, who demand higher capacity and take the product quality as the leading factor, prefer SF12-1000 Series. Many customers in Hebei, who require higher production capacity but with tight investment budget, prefer SF10-900 Series so much that it has been in short supply in those region. SF-600 Series and SF10-800 Series are Economical versions and mainly targeted for overseas clients from countries along with "One Belt and One Road". However, regardless of the machine series, all the paper machines can meet their designed production speeds, which reflects the technical advantages of Baotuo paper machine.


When talking about the cooperation with clients from domestic major household tissue paper production regions, Mr. Li said, "Currently, Manchengs regional production capacity has exceeded one million tons per year, more than half of which is produced by paper machines with low operation speed. These enterprises are in rigid demand of transformation and upgrading their paper machines so as to keep their competitiveness. Now, the large-scale heat and power co-generation system in Baoding has entered the commissioning stage and will soon be able to distribute it to various tissue paper mills. We believe that the total output of paper, in Mancheng region, will increase slightly in the future. In the next three years, the region's tissue paper machines are expected to be replaced by medium-high speed paper machines."

As of today, Baotuo has signed Purchasing Agreements with clients, like Ruifeng Paper, Yikang Paper, Huabang Paper, Mingyue Paper, etc. that comes from Hebei Mancheng region, for 15 sets of paper machines. Furthermore, there are over 10 potential clients are negotiating with us for paper machine projects.  

The Strategic Partnership with Huanlong Group increased Baotuos influence in Sichuan region. We are discussing projects with several new clients from this region, for more than 10 sets of paper machines.

After reached long-term cooperation with Baoma Paper, in Gansu of Northwest region, we continue explore the western region markets. The first paper machine located in Xinjiang will soon be put into operation in June of this year. And we are also discussing 2 sets of paper machine projects with clients from Qinghai.

In addition to it, Baosuo also achieved remarkable results in oversea market. Mr. Li said, "Thanks to the excellent typical projects we created within China, after 7 years of exploration and hard-works, we also achieved good performances in oversea markets. Many oversea clients did on-site investigation to these typical projects, and decided to follow this model and introduce Baotuo paper machine into their companies. So far, Baotuo paper machines has been sold to Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Vietnam, Burma and other countries along One Belt and One Road.  Take Vietnam market as an example, it has a population of more than 100 millions but the tissue paper industry development is relatively backward and its needed to introduce advanced machinery into the local market. In 2016, the total sales volume of Baotuo paper machines, Baosuo converting machinery and Baojin packing machinery exceeds RMB80 millions, occupied 90% of Vietnam market."

Mr. Li smiled and said, "We have received so many orders that our capacity is nearly fully occupied!" As of December 2016, Baotuo has launched more than 20 sets of paper machines worldwide, sold 32 sets of Paper Machines within 2016, and is expected to sell 30 sets in 2017. According to the project cycle projections, by 2018, the total sales volume of Baotuo Paper Machine will exceed 100 sets!


No pain, no gain. Mr. Li concluded that Baotuo's success stems from the unremitting efforts of the team and Group, and the continuous trust and support of our customers in the past 10 years. Facing the future, Baotuo will continue to seize the industry demand blowout down-to-earth, historical opportunity, roll up your sleeves and go! To provide customers with more, better quality and more cost-effective paper machine!



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