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What is a rewinding machine?[ 03-13 20:05 ]
Rewinding machine, it is a kind of papermaking equipment, its purpose is to paper machine to produce paper roll (referred to as the base paper roll) in turn, After rewinding paper made into finished products leave factory.At present, the rewinding machine with...
What is the advantages of rewinding machine?[ 03-13 19:52 ]
Rewinding machine, toilet paper production equipment.Can be divided into automatic toilet paper rewinding machine and semi-automatic toilet paper rewinding machine. Automatic toilet paper rewinding machine USES the PLC computer programming technology, man-mac...
How to remove the toilet paper paper powder?[ 03-13 19:43 ]
After the toilet paper to produce an important measure of the good or bad is whether the paper paper powder and hair,after know this standard for toilet paper processing enterprises need to do is how to improve the toilet paper rewinding machine to remove the ...
How to solve the breakdown of toilet paper rewinding machine?[ 03-13 19:41 ]
Out of toilet paper rewinding machine fault we divided into two steps: First, a fully open photoelectric protection function failure of toilet paper production and processing equipment, machine can still work after emergency treatment,but because there is no ...
What is the working principle of slitter machine?[ 03-13 19:17 ]
1.Paper slitter machine the entire volume or the whole of fixed length cutting and processing processing of raw materials,such as plastic packaging materials, packaging cartons, steel plates, film leather,wood cutting and processing, are used fixed length cutt...
What are the considerations for slitter machine use?[ 03-13 17:24 ]
1. Before starting to ensure the voltage, current and hydraulic equivalent correctly, stability. 2. before the equipment is ready to run, all staff must inform leave equipment, ensure the personal safety can only be switched on. 3. The slitter machine is run...
How many types of the slitter?[ 03-13 15:47 ]
Types of the slitter is increasing, also have different classification method.According to the requirements of cutting paper size can be divided into the roll slittering machine and small roll slittering machine.According to the working way of classification, slitter can be divided into three types,divided into flat knife cutting, extrusion and circular knife cutting.Flat knife cutting is like a razor, in the process of material running to fall, so as to achieve the goal of cutting.Flat knife cutting is like a razor, in the process of material running to fall, so as to achieve the goal of cutt
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