Baosuo Paper Machinery Manufacture CO.,Ltd Baosuo ——World Famous Rewinding Lines Manufacture for 20 years!

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Hot terms: Core machine,Non-stop Toilet Roll Rewinding Line,Napkin machine,Facial tissue machine,Non-stop Kitchen Towel Rewinding Line

Baosuo provides you with the most cost-effective products!
1/3 lower price!
20% higher efficiency than average in industry!

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Contact baosuo


Contact baosuo

Company Name: Baosuo Paper Machinery Manufacture CO.,Ltd.

Tel:+86-757-86777529   +86-757-86799938


Add:XiaNanYi Industrial Park Pingzhou Nanhai Foshan City Guangdong China

Contact Baosuo

TEL: +86-757-86777529

TEL: +86-757-86799938


Add:Xiananyi Industrial Park, Pingzhou, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong