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How development of paper tube industry in the future?[ 03-13 15:02 ]
On paper machine in the machinery industry should be how to development also has the certain regularity, manufacturing, professional production has become a trend.
Baosuo embossing folded napkin machine how to adapt to the needs of the market?[ 03-13 14:47 ]
With the constant innovation of paper processing equipment technology, napkin machine no longer meet the needs of specific production type,pick up a batch of live customer requirements may be a lot of design and color,specifications, size, and so on, for examp...
The characteristics of the facial tissue machine, box facial tissue machine[ 03-13 14:16 ]
1, put the roll tension control, can adapt to high and low tension base paper production. 2, paper roll pattern, the pattern is clear. 3, adopts stepless speed regulation, conveyor, embossing, flowers;Vacuum folding, cutting. 4, paper edge folds, product appearance elegant.
Powerful color printing paper napkin machine[ 03-13 13:56 ]
Color printing paper napkin machine is on the basis of ordinary embossed napkin machine with color printing function, have monochrome, multicolor printing, can print different colors according to need exquisite patterns.Give a napkin surface printed on color d...
The introduction of roll slitting machine and related products[ 03-13 13:23 ]
The roll slitting machine is mainly used for large size health base paper from single rewinding and cutting into double,three layers of different specifications of the paper, for folding box, paper towels, napkins, face towel use.According to need to adjust cu...
How to implement the policy of low carbon paper machinery industry[ 03-13 11:58 ]
Protecting the ecological environment of the earth is everyone's responsibility,under the call of the low carbon,what should we do?As a member of the society,we are not do not know how to start, just start from the side of things.
Readjust the product mix,china's paper packaging industry to become scale[ 03-13 09:51 ]
The paper packaging industry competition last year.In dalian city as an example, the local have around 400 paper packing companies,including corrugated board production line has 300 enterprises.A few enterprises with foreign orders and scale advantages,operating conditions is better, most of the them is in the survival state.
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