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Product Name:YD-G Automatic Toilet Roll Rewinder

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      Speed:130-180 m/min
      Finished Roll Core Diameter (mm):Φ20~50 mm

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    YD-E Automatic Toilet Roll Rewinder
    YD-E Automatic Toilet Roll Rewinder
    Speed:200 m/min
    Finished Roll Core Diameter(mm):Φ 32~50mm



    YD-G Automatic trimming, sealing Rewinder based on the function of YD-E Rewinder. It integrated the developmental demand of customers and designed economical automatic rewinding machine. We in dependently developed long-distance communication service system. It can detect the machine running at any time. It's can add newly designed coreless shaped rewinding system as required by customer.

    Main Features Include:
    1.Advanced PLC programmable control technology, the winding profiles can be tight at the beginning of winding and then getting loose, to avoid the problems that the cores are loose from the rolls after long time storage.
    2.Variable speed adjustment. Operating every facilities freely.
    3.Loading and position cores by hand, saving time and strength. The special located equipment save area for customers. The machine starts winding again after finishing winding.
    4.Pneumatically adjust the degree of tightness of the finished product, keeping diameter of finished product with one accord.
    5.With high precision screwy perforation knife. With 4 perforation blades to make clear perforating. The perforating pitch controlled by gear box.
    6.Three backstands pneumatically wide belt paper unwinding driving and individual web tension control unit for each jumbo roll.
    7. Point to point embossing unit the paper have clearer and better embossing with light weight. Equip with steel to steel embossing unit according to the need of customers.
    8.The web can be feed in the machine by the tow jog buttons, making it more safety and easier to feed the web.

    Main Technical Parameters

    Machine Model




    Raw Material Width (mm)




    Finished Roll Diameter(mm)

    Φ60~150 mm ( Tightness adjustable)

    Finished Roll Core Diameter(mm)

    Φ 20~50mm

    Raw Material Diameter(mm)

    Φ 1100 mm (Other sizes are available )

    Raw Material Core Diameter

    Φ76 mm (Other sizes are available )

    Perforation Pitch(to be appoint)

    4 perforating blade 110mm; 2 perforating blade 220mm.Gear box adjustment(option) 


    130-180 m/min

    Programmable controller

    MITSUBISHI Programmable Controller (PLC)

    Unwinding Unit

    1-3 ply,15~30gsm   

    Pneumatic System

    3 HP air compressor, Mini pressure5kg/cm2 Pa(Provided by client)


    Frequency conversion speed regulator, 5.5-15 kw(depend on the model and configuration)

    Dimension(L×W×H) (mm)

    6200x2600x800~6200x4000x800(depend on the model and configuration)


    3800~9000kg(depend on the model and configuration)



    Embossing Unit

    Single ply embossing, double ply embossing, steel to steel embossing

    Bottom Embossing Roller

    Felt roller, Paper roller, Rubber roller

    Unwinding Unit

    1-3 ply

    Unwinding Unit Driving

    gear box driving

    Finished roll rewinding

    Coreless rewinding system

    Edge Embossing Unit

    Steel to steel

    Calendering Unit

    Steel to steel, steel to rubber

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    YD-E Automatic Toilet Roll Rewinder
    YD-E Automatic Toilet Roll Rewinder
    Speed:200 m/min
    Finished Roll Core Diameter(mm):Φ 32~50mm

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