Libang Group and Baosuo Enterprise Group Cooperate Again - continue to sign two Baotuo paper machines


Recently, after signing four Baotuo paper machines with Baosuo Enterprise Group in 2019, Libang Group once again signed two Baotou Crescent Former Tissue Machine. In order to facilitate the transportation of jumbo roll paper, Baotuo recommends another model, BC1500-2850, which is different from the four paper machine models (model BC1300-3550) signed in 2019. The width of the jumbo roll paper produced by this signed model is narrower than the previous model. With a design width of 2850 mm and a design speed of 1500 m / min, the production capacity will reach 20,000 tons / year. The two paper machines will be installed in Hubei Libang Paper Co., Ltd. in Xiaogan, Hubei.

paper machine

Two BC1300-3550 Crescent Former Tissue Machine signed in 2019 by Gangxing Paper, a subsidiary of Libang Group, have been put into production. Its stable operation, energy saving and high efficiency have been widely recognized by the industry.

Since the start of construction last year, Libang Group Hubei Libang Paper Co., Ltd. has completed the corresponding main project construction. The papermaking project is progressing smoothly, and the paper machine foundation and pulp preparation section are preparing in order. Besides, the converting workshop and finished product warehouse are also under construction. In order to enable new projects to be input and output as soon as possible, the two parties are working closely in project design and technology which is striving to put into production with the fast speed and best solution.

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