YH-FG Automatic Facial Tissue Production Line

  • YH-FG Automatic Facial Tissue Production Line
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YH-FG Automatic Facial Tissue Production Line
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1. Production speed: 130m/min, stacking speed ≥15log/min, width: 1500-3700mm;
2. The first piece of tissue is folded to the middle automatically, matching the conveyance flip system, and the finished product is beautiful and square;
3. Perfect matching with high value-added products such as position embossing, glue free lamination, 4D embossing and water lamination;
4. Full servo automatic stacking, integrated control, high degree of automation, with function of remote detection;
5. Electromechanical integrated control technology, automatic detection, accurate feedback;
6. Upgraded arc stacking system to improve quality and efficiency.

YH-FG Automatic Facial Tissue Production Line

tissue machine

Min. Order: 1

Payment term: T/T

Delivery time: 2 ~ 6 months

Shipping port: Foshan

Product description:


Design speed 

150 m/min

Production speed

130 m/min

Transfer speed


Machine width


Transfer control    

Servo motor, integrated control

The first fold

Servo drive center fold

Counting mode

Encoder counting

Counting range 

 50 - 250ply

Flip way

Unique creation conveyor staggered flip

Transmission metho

Independent motor drive

Finished product transfer


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