napkin making machine

  • 2 Line High Speed Napkin Folder

    1.Stable production speed up t0 1600 sheets/min, 1/4 folding; 2.High automation, opto-mechatronics control technology and automatic stop when tissue winding around embossing roll; 3.Easy operating, skip counting can be one sheet or designated sheets, with hotkey reset to one sheet skip counting; 4.1/6 folding, 1/8 folding or other folding types are optional; 5.Unwind back stand suitable for jumbo roll diameter up to φ150 0mm. Deviation rectifying unit is optional; 6.Main transmission parts and folding unit are covered by shields; 7.Applicable to various raw paper, and napkins with various specifications and grades.

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  • 1/8 Fold Dinner Napkin Folder

    1.MJ-C is without printing (Optional: MJ-D with printing), folding unit normally is quarter turn type. Regular specs: 400, 330 and 300; 2.Stable production speed up to 300 sheets/min, 250 sheets/min when with printing, 1/8 folding. Production speed may vary for different Napkin size; 3.High automation, opto-mechatronics control technology, automatic stop when tissue wind around embossing roll; 4.Easy operating, accurate skip counting by tissue out-feed guide board cylinder; 5.Optional embossing unit: steel to rubber, steel to paper, steel to felt, or others; 6.Ink distributed by ink vibrator, up to 2 colors printing; 7.MJ-D equipped with calendaring unit or deviation rectifying system, jumbo roll diameter up toφ1300 mm; 8.Main transmission parts with safety cover; 9.PLC control system.

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