maxi roll production line

  • 600m/min Non-Stop JRT Rewinder Line

    1.Stable production speed up to 500 m/min; 2.Complete warning system and powerful integrated control system, supports remote terminal connection and detection; 3.Flexible and easy handling independent motor drive for each function unit; 4.Straight in machine web cutting, precise log diameter control system is accurate and easy operating; 5.Servo control perforation to secure accurate and stable sheet and pitch, and pitch is adjustable; 6.Edge embossing bottom roll is coated with alloy to achieve surface hardness 70HRC ensure durability. Customized edge embossing pattern is carved on 6408 bearing to ensure its quality; 7.Each unwind back stand is equipped with web tension control system to secure real time monitoring and web tension precise adjustment; 8.Mitsubishi or Siemens PLC, large screen HMI, opto-mechatronics control technology, automatic web break detection,and accurate signal feedback; 9.Embossing lamination unit, embossing unit and automatic core feeding systems are optional.

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  • Automatic Start Stop JRT Rewinder

    1.Start-stop type, production speed up t0 200 m/min; 2.PLC control system with HMI; 3.Finished roll diameter φ150 mm ~ φ300 mm, core diameter φ40 mm ~ φ80 mm; 4.Main machine in wall panel structure and compact design; 5.Machine equipped with automation functions in core feeding, web cutting, and blowing; 6.Combined production line by adding automatic log discharging function and cutting machine is optional; 7.Airbag pressurization edge embossing unit is optional; 8.Embossing lamination, single embosser or double embosser is optional; 9.Independent motor frequency conversion drive and speed control function is optional. Whole machine is upgraded to wall panel structure, and jumbo roll max. diameter up to φ1500 mm.

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  • 300m/min Automatic Start Stop JRT Rewinder

    1. Stoble production speed up to 300m/min, Mitsubishi PLC; 2, Made by quality steel, with compact structure; 3, Flexible in various production specifications. Limination unit, single embossing unit and double embossing unit are optional; 4, Ladder available for manually load cores;automaticlly core feeding while rewinding; 5, Automatic core fededing, web cutting, and blowing; 6. Web tension real-time monitoring and precise adusting; 7. Airbag pressurization controlled edge embossing unit is optional

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