Zhihu Cloud Commerce Industry and Baosuo Enterprise Group signed 4 Baotuo paper machines


Zhihu Cloud Commerce Industry and Baosuo Enterprise Group signed 4 Baotuo paper machines

After many times of inspections and comparisons, Guangxi Zhihu finally signed 4 Baotuo paper machines with Baosuo Enterprise Group for an new annual production of 120,000 tons of household paper projects. The 4 newly signed Baotuo paper machines are BC1500-4200 High-speed Crescent Tissue Machine which are the new type of high-speed and high-yield papermaking equipment tailored for Zhihu. The paper machine mainly uses the local wet mixed pulp in Guangxi to produce 11-12g/m2 e-commerce jumbo roll paper, and the single machine annual production capacity can reach 30,000 tons.

paper machine

It is reported that this time, Baotuo paper machine has upgraded the design of the flow system (online low-concentration slag removal), the headbox forming technology and the cleaning and improvement of the net carpet, so that the paper surface uniformity and bulk of the low basic weight product can be obtained. It further reflects the flexible industrial design of domestically-made equipment and brings higher-quality personalized products to household paper companies.

Founded in 2014, Zhihu is an Internet e-commerce enterprise integrating the development, production and sales of daily care, household, and maternal and child products. Guangxi Zhihu Cloud Commerce Industrial Co., Ltd. is the first jumbo roll paper production base newly built by the Zhihu brand in the household paper e-commerce division. The company is located in Henan Industrial Zone, Xingbin District, Laibin City, Guangxi Province. The park has municipal cogeneration support and the supply of raw materials for surrounding pulping companies, which is conducive to the large-scale expansion of Zhihu in Guangxi.

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