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  • Facial Tissue Production Line
  • Facial Tissue Production Line
  • Facial Tissue Production Line
  • Facial Tissue Production Line
  • Facial Tissue Production Line
  • Facial Tissue Production Line
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1500mm - 2200mm Automatic Facial Tissue Production Line
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Brief introduction:
1.Stable production speed up to 90 m/min;
2.High precision folding roll to secure performance stability;
3.Excellent suction system with 45 KW low energy consumption vacuum pump;
4.Stable and reliable high speed folder to ensure products to be well folded, tidy and with upscale beautiful appearance;
5.Stable and efficient;
6.opto-mechatronics control technology, automatic broken web detection, and accurate signal feedback;
7.Automatic balance double edge embossing system, cylinder control or airbag control are optional.

YH Automatic Facial Tissue Economic Production Line (1500~2200)

 Facial Tissue Production Line

Min. Order: 1

Payment term: T/T

Delivery time: 2 ~ 6 months

Shipping port: Foshan


Product description:


Jumbo roll width

1500 ~ 2200 mm

Unfolded size

190 / 200 ±2 mm

Folded size

95 / 100 ±2 mm

Design speed

110 m/min

Production speed

90 ~ 100 m/min

Jumbo roll diameter

 1500 ~ 3000mm (Other size to order)

Unwind stand

2 ~ 6 ply, individual driving (To order)

Folding system

Vacuum suction folding

Folding type

V fold interfold



Log quantity

160 pieces

Max. unload speed

15 pieces/min







150 cuts/min

200 cuts/min

Feeding channel

Double channels

Grinding system

Pneumatic parameter, grinding can be set on control panel

Grinding feed

Automatic grinding feeding for circular knife

Cutting length

Set on control panel, tolerance  ± 1 mm

Cutting vertical tolerance

Tolerance  ± 1 mm

length tolerance for two ends

Set on control panel


Embossing unit

Steel to steel, steel to rubber

Edge embossing unit

Steel to steel

Soft type plastic pack

Design conveyor system and soft type plastic packing machine according to production plant

Carton box pack

Design conveyor system and carbon box packing machine according to production plant


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