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  • 2900mm - 3600mm Auto Transfer Automatic Facial Tissue Production Line

    Brief introduction: 1.Stable production speed: up to 150 m/min, minimum 12 logs/min. 2. Core technologies have been granted multiple national patents, and are applying for international patents. 3. High automation, fully servo-controlled folding system with controllable folding motion. 4. Stable and reliable high speed folder to ensure products well folded, tidy and with upscale beautiful appearance. 5. Patent superior vacuum suction technology for web slitting to ensure folding uniformity of facial tissue. 6. Non-stop automatic setting on sheet count,which can be 100% accurate. 7. Pneumatic punching web splicing method, splicing efficiency improved 50% compared to traditional way. 8. The machine has strong adaptability to the different webs and can produce various grades of facial tissue. 9. Dual motion CPU for data processing and closed-loop control signal transient response to ensure fast and stable control. 10. Automatic detecting and accurate feedback by opto-mechatronics control technology.

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  • 2200mm - 2900mm Auto Transfer Automatic Facial Tissue Production Line

    Brief introduction: 1.Production Speed≧100 m/min, with stacking speed of 8 ~ 9 log/min; 2.Core technology has obtained multiple National patents 3.High degree of automation, full servo stacking mode 4.Separation number is automatically sets, with accuracy of 100 % 5.With dual motion CUP for data processing, and closed-loop instantaneous feedback control signal. 6.Stable operation, high production efficiency 7.With function of automatic end folding (outside the machine) 8.Electromechanical integrated control technology, automatic detection, accurate feedback.

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  • 400m/minAuto Transfer Automatic Napkin Production Line

    1.Production Speed ≧ 450 m/min, 15 times/min/line; 2.Multiple National patents; 3.Fully automatic, all servomotor folding; 4.Automatic counting, 100% accuracy; 5.Double CPU processing, closed cycle feed back control; 6.Stable running, high efficiency productivity; 7.Automatic last sheet folding (outside the machine); 8.Mechanical, electrical and photoelectric control technology, automatic inspection and feedback.

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  • 1 Line Color Printing High Speed Napkin Folder

    1.Stable production speed up to 800 sheets/min, up to 500 sheets/min when with printing unit, 1/4 folding; 2.High automation, opto-mechatronics control technology, and automatic stop when tissue winding around embossing roll; 3.Steel to paper embossing roll with pneumatic pressurization function. Double embossing unit, steel to rubber and steel to felt embossing rolls are optional; 4.Two colors close chamber printing unit. Optional: ordinary printing unit by ink vibrator, or one color printing. 5.Main transmission parts and folding unit with safety cover; 6.Application to various raw paper, and napkins with various specification and grades.

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  • 1/8 Fold Dinner Napkin Folder

    1.MJ-C is without printing (Optional: MJ-D with printing), folding unit normally is quarter turn type. Regular specs: 400, 330 and 300; 2.Stable production speed up to 300 sheets/min, 250 sheets/min when with printing, 1/8 folding. Production speed may vary for different Napkin size; 3.High automation, opto-mechatronics control technology, automatic stop when tissue wind around embossing roll; 4.Easy operating, accurate skip counting by tissue out-feed guide board cylinder; 5.Optional embossing unit: steel to rubber, steel to paper, steel to felt, or others; 6.Ink distributed by ink vibrator, up to 2 colors printing; 7.MJ-D equipped with calendaring unit or deviation rectifying system, jumbo roll diameter up toφ1300 mm; 8.Main transmission parts with safety cover; 9.PLC control system.

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  • Automatic V-Fold Lamination Towel Folder

    1.Stable production speed up to 90 m/min; 2.High precision suction roll to secure folding stability; 3.Excellent suction system, lower vacuum pump energy consumption motor with only 22 ~ 30 KW; 4.Stable and reliable high speed folder to ensure products are well folded, tidy and with upscale beautiful appearance; 5.Machine runs stably and efficiently; 6.Opto-mechatronics control technology,automatic web break detection, and accurate signal feedback; 7.Automatic balance double edge embossing system,cylinder control or airbag control are optional; 8.Perfect fit spiral web cutting structure for web width above 1000mm, to secure stability of web cutting and durability of blades; 9.High precision embossing unit to secure clear and solid embossing pattern.

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